Wool fabric

Update:14 Nov 2017

Melton is a high quality woolen fabric named after bein […]

Melton is a high quality woolen fabric named after being first produced in the Melton Mowbray, England. Melton surface fine and smooth, very realistic, flexible. A fine villi covering fabric shading, good wear resistance, can not afford the ball, good warmth, and water and wind characteristics. Is one of the high-end products in woolen cloth.

Melton generally use fine branch loose hair mixed into part of the short hairs as raw material spun into 62.5-83.3tex wool yarn, with two or two or more on the twill weave, then the blank after finishing or two down.

Raw materials used are all wool (sometimes to increase the fabric strength and wear resistance mixed with not more than 10% of the nylon staple fiber, still known as the whole wool fabric), hair sticky or blended hair Maojin. The proportion of pure wool products often use quality count 60-64 wool or an improvement of more than 80% of the hair, combed short-haired 20% or less. Blended products are the quality of the number of branches 60-64 or a 50% -70%, combed short-haired 20%, viscose and synthetic fibers 20% -30% blended. Spun yarn yarn linear density range of 62.5-100tex (10-16 public branch).