Characteristics of several mattress fabrics

Update:06 Feb 2018

Sprinkler: full and soft feel. The warp and weft is mod […]

Sprinkler: full and soft feel. The warp and weft is moderately elastic, good servo, followed by the change of the fabric, and the shape preserving and the stereoscopic sense are excellent.
Huayao crepe: activated environment-friendly technology for the production of printing and dyeing, color fastness, bright color, good texture, luster, smooth and soft, with silk, fashionable and beautiful positioning pattern.
Washing cloth: washing cloth is treated by special dyeing and finishing process to make fabric with slightly wrinkled water washing style. The raw materials for washing cloth are pure cotton, polyester / cotton, polyester filament and so on. The washcloth feels soft and has a slight wrinkle in appearance.
Fujiette: viscose is Fujiette (rayon) spinning class silk interwoven with viscose staple yarns. Is the silk surface smooth, soft and smooth, bright color, soft luster, good moisture absorption.
Corduroy: there are many kinds of corduroy. According to the different thickness of cashmere, divided into ultra-fine, strip, wide strips and corduroy, velvet strip is round, down wear, thick texture, soft, warm and good.
Luxurious knitted fabric: rich texture, make sleep more comfortable. The design is exquisite, the style and the color are varied and the choice is rich.
Borathea: thin fabrics with varieties of worsted yarn, the general method of top dyeing, the first part of top dyeing, spinning, and then mixed color tops, formed of melange yarn woven fabric. So, it has a uniform surface scattered white spots, and vaguely rain stripes arranged in a crisscross pattern.
Through the features of the mattress's different fabrics, do you know what the mattress fabric has? As with any other products, mattress fabric is also divided into many grades, according to the different prices of raw materials are also different. In fact, the mattress is important not to look at the mattress fabric, but to look at the overall structure of the mattress, comfortable and uncomfortable, which is the main thing.