Choosing the mattress fabrics right cotton sheets

Update:04 Jun 2018

Choosing the mattress fabrics right cotton sheets for y […]

Choosing the mattress fabrics right cotton sheets for you generally comes down to personal preference, and knowing whether you’re a lover of percale or sateen is a good starting point. The real key is to test the sheets yourself. Sleep in them a few nights, launder them, and repeat. Online-only companies that sell sheets have made generous return policies part of the process to give you the out if you find you don’t like a set of pricey sheets.

Some brands offer other benefits, like deeper pockets (those elastic corners) to accommodate a taller mattress, extra-wide top sheets, or different finishing details that you may find that you like.

Nothing beats the feeling of sliding into a freshly-made bed. Sheets that are breathable and soft to the touch can make the difference between a great night’s sleep and tossing and turning. Cotton is the go-to natural fiber for sheets, a classic material that naturally pulls moisture from your body and feels comfortable against your skin, and it works for all four seasons.

To find the best cotton sheets out there, we scanned buyer reviews and testing results from textile pros, then we put the short list of sheets to put to the test (sleeping on them) to pull together our picks for the best cotton bed sheets you can buy.