Hemming of knitwear

Update:03 Jan 2018

The hemming property of the knitted fabric is due to th […]

The hemming property of the knitted fabric is due to the wrapping of the edge fabric due to the disappearance of the stress in the edge stitches of the fabric. Hemming is a knitwear deficiencies. It can cause uneven seams at garment edges or changes in garment edge size, ultimately affecting overall garment styling and garment size. However, not all knitted fabrics have curling properties, but fabrics such as weft knit fabric and other individual structures are only available for this type of fabric, in the design of the model can be added by the size of the edge, Or piping and the edge of the garment inlaid adhesive bonding method to solve. The hemming property of some knitted fabrics has been eliminated in the fabric finishing process, which avoids the troublesome design of the model.
It should be noted that many designers can understand the performance of the fabric based on the merits of cheating, the use of fabric curl, the design of the model in the neckline, cuffs, so that the clothing was a special look style, a refreshing , Especially in the weaving of woven garments can also use its curling to form a unique pattern or dividing line.