In the hot summer, it is very hot. With the arrival of summer

Update:23 Aug 2018

In the hot summer, it is very hot. With the arrival of […]

In the hot summer, it is very hot. With the arrival of summer, some summer products with cool, summer heat and mosquito repellent functions have become popular, and as the consumer market enters a new era of personalization, customization and segmentation, some novelty with special functions The products are favored by consumers and become the "darling" of the summer market, such as ice silk mats, trendy mosquito repellent products, mini appliances, ice pad bamboo bags, car refrigerators and so on.

To this end, our reporter deliberately went deep into the market to investigate the quality and safety of these summer hot products, interviewed professionals to analyze and interpret quality and safety, and launched the “Summer Hot Product Quality and Safety Survey Series Report” to Hey readers.

Straw mats, bamboo mats, rattan mats, leather mats... In the three days, the mattress fabrics  mat became the best seller on the market, not only the category of the new and the new name, but also the name is also varied. Recently, a mat named "Ice Silk" has been popular in the market. Some merchants have said that they are antibacterial, mildew and anti-mite in publicity, and are 100% "natural" materials, attracting a large number of consumers to buy.

So, is the "ice silk" in the ice silk mat a natural material? Does it itself have the claimed function? Our reporter interviewed this.

"Ice silk" has become a market selling point

A concept that many people are not clear about, and countless successful powders. This is the case for the ice silk mat. Recently, the reporter learned in the market survey that many consumers and even businesses are hard to say the concept of "ice silk", but they all regard it as a better quality product than bamboo mats and straw mats.

In the offline store of Lijia Baby, the sales staff repeatedly recommended an "ice silk blanket" to the reporter, saying that it is cold and not ice, healthy and comfortable, and is very suitable for children aged 0-6. But when the reporter asked, "Ice silk" is what the sales staff said is not clear, only said "is a kind of natural fiber", and then let the reporter feel personally through touch.

The same picture also happened in the Leyou pregnant baby shop. The two hot ice silk jacquard mats and ice silk bed seats in the store were all named "ice silk", but the sales staff said that it is not clear what "ice silk" is.

The sales of “ice silk” mats on the line are even more popular. The price ranges from a dozen to more than a thousand yuan. Some “explosive models” can be sold in tens of thousands of pieces per month, and the merchants are more hyped in publicity. Kind of "function".

In a Taobao shop where the "Hanfang Health" ice silk mat, the reporter saw such a statement in the introduction of product information, "hollow porous fiber, taken from healthy and natural log fiber, is an authentic ecological fiber"; "0 formaldehyde, Moisture wicking, antibacterial, mildew and anti-mite"... Another online shop selling "ice silk antibacterial sheets", said that the products sold are "South American pure ice silk", "health soft mat", "natural environmentally friendly bamboo fiber fabric" "...

In the reporter's random interview, some consumers said, "The mat is too hot, the bamboo mats such as mahjong mats are too cold, and the ice silk is more comfortable to feel." There are also consumers saying, "Although the price of ice silk mats High, but from the name, it feels like a product with scientific and technological content, and I am willing to believe that 'one price is worth the price.'"

Warp and weft are different materials

With questions about the material of "ice silk", the reporter interviewed Zhang Jun, secretary general of the Summer Textile Products Branch of the China Textile Business Association. According to its introduction, the so-called ice silk is not a material. The ice silk mat is also woven from fibers of different materials by warp and weft. It is a new type of mat woven with modern technology.

On the product label of some ice silk mats, the reporter did see the contents of the fabric column labeled “100% polyester fiber in the warp direction and 100% regenerated cellulose fiber in the weft direction”.

According to Zhang Jun, polyester fiber is a kind of chemical fiber, so the 100% “natural” material promoted by some merchants is inconsistent with the facts and is an exaggerated propaganda. Moreover, the reason why the ice silk mat adopts this latitude and longitude different material design is to improve the density and toughness of the product. “Compared to the bamboo mat, the coolness of the ice silk mat should be warmer; compared to the paper mat, the ice silk mat has a higher density and is easier to manage.”

Zhang Jun believes that there is no scientific basis for the functions of “exclusion” and “health” claimed by some merchants. "The locust has nothing to do with the material of the mat. The key is to clean and care, to keep it clean and hygienic. There is no scientific basis for the health care function. It is a false propaganda that the business misleads consumers. Consumers can't believe it."

In fact, the mats of different materials have different characteristics. The elderly and children should try to choose the mat that is as gentle as possible. The sweat-prone body should choose a mat with good ventilation.

"Weaving mat" group standard has been implemented

It is understood that the ice silk mat does not appear for a long time, and because the concept of "ice silk" is not clear, the products on the market are not uniform, and the quality is difficult to control.

In the investigation, the reporter found that the standards for such mat products were varied. The label of an "ice silk blanket" product is marked with "Executive Standard: FZ/T 73025-2013 "Infant Knitwear"; Safety Technology Category: GB 31701-2015 "Safety Technical Specifications for Infants and Children's Textile Products" Another standard implemented by Ice Silk Mat is FZ/T 62013-2009 "Recycled Cellulose Fiber Mat"; and the safety technology category is GB 18401-2010 "National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specification".

In recent years, with the increasing variety of textile fibers and materials used in China's “woven mats” and the continuous improvement of product design and production level, the contents of the current standards have been unable to meet the technical requirements of current mat class, physical and chemical properties and ecological safety. To this end, the China Textile Business Association proposed that the Home Summer Cooling Products Branch organized the drafting of the "Weaving Mat" group standard, which has been released and implemented.

The standard stipulates the requirements of the woven mat products, inspection (testing) methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage, etc., suitable for textile fiber and cellulose materials as the main raw materials, either alone or in combination, processed by weaving process. The mat is also suitable for pillows, pillowcases, mats and other similar products.

“Ice silk mats are also within the limits of this standard.” Zhang Jun said that the standard will play an important and positive role in regulating the quality and market order of domestic weaving mat products and promoting the healthy and orderly development of related industries.