Mattress is about the quality of sleep. These chaos must be seen clearly

Update:01 Aug 2018

Mattress is about the quality of sleep. These chaos mus […]

Mattress is about the quality of sleep. These chaos must be seen clearly.

One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep, and sleep plays a vital role in human health.

Among the various types of bedding, the most important factor in determining  mattress fabrics sleep quality is the mattress. But in fact, most people care little about the quality of the mattress. "It can be used" is the attitude of most people to the mattress.

In this way, many people do not know how to buy mattresses in the market for thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

In the past two years, the concept mattresses on the market have been overwhelming, and health mattresses, massage mattresses, and Mars cotton are dazzling. How do you choose a mattress? Is it worthwhile to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a mattress? The reporter interviewed several industry people to answer questions for consumers.

Chaos 1: Does the zero formaldehyde, zero pressure mattress really exist?

Deception index: ★★★★★

Experts answer: "There are many mattresses on the market that use zero-formaldehyde and zero-pressure slogans, and even use new gimmicks to attract consumers' attention. In fact, zero formaldehyde and zero pressure do not exist at all. Formaldehyde products are everywhere in life. In addition to decoration materials, our denim clothing, cosmetics, clothes, textiles, etc. all contain formaldehyde, but formaldehyde does not mean that it will be fatal, as long as it does not affect the human body within a reasonable range." Yalan Mattress Northwest Region Manager Chen Xin said, "In addition to zero formaldehyde, zero pressure is also an eye-catching slogan launched by many brands. ' Lying on the mattress as if lying in the clouds', think carefully, how the human body and the mattress may not be under pressure when in contact with the mattress, This is the basic physical common sense. This is an effect that can be treated with magnetic therapy and treatment of the mattress. Exaggerating the performance of the product, consumers should not be misled."

Chaos 2: technology concept of Mars cotton, aviation cotton, deep sponge

Deception index: ★★★★

Experts' answers: In order to highlight the "high" of the mattresses, some brands have used the terms such as Mars cotton, aviation cotton, and deep sponges in an attempt to package the mattress with the concept of technology. But in fact, people in the industry know that the so-called Mars cotton, aviation cotton, deep sponge is actually a sponge of different density. These sponges have been treated to some performance, some will be harder, some will be softer, but they are all the same thing. The concept of “technique” will be doubled, and consumers should be rational when purchasing. Don't be fooled by high technology.

Chaos 3: 3D material price is high

Deception index: ★★★

Experts answer: In the past two years, with the acceleration of the upgrade of mattress products, 3D mattresses have become hot and become the new favorite of the market. The price of this 3D material as an internal filler on the market is as high as tens of thousands of dollars. Chen Weiyuan said that many 3D fabric mattresses started at 30,000-70,000 yuan. The 3D material is called 3D mesh, which refers to a high-elasticity high-density three-dimensional hollow structure. The upper and lower meshes are ventilated on six sides, the functional polyester fiber material is used in the middle, and the polyester fiber material is a kind of plastic.

3D fabrics are environmentally friendly, can replace the sponges and other fillers in traditional mattresses, change their stuffiness and unsanitary conditions; high elasticity and comfortable, ergonomics; even moisture, gas, antibacterial, mildew, easy to clean. But 3D fabrics are not fireproof, and a cigarette butt may ruin a mattress. Although there is no clear price tag for 3D fabric mattresses on the market, the price of around 40,000 yuan is indeed somewhat high and the price is not high.

Chaos 4: shoddy, mattress price is too low

Deception index: ★★★

Experts answer: "Some consumers do not pay much attention to the price of the mattress, feel that it can be used. It may cost a few hundred dollars to buy a mattress, or when the bed is bought, the merchant will use a mattress, but this way The mattress may have quality and environmental issues," Chen Xin said. There are some manufacturers on the market. In order to reduce costs, the cushions used are not environmentally friendly materials. They contain toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and polyethylene, and even manufacturers can incorporate talc into them to reduce costs. These are harmful to human body. of. The main thing is that these harmful substances are difficult to disperse.

An ordinary 1.5-meter spring mattress, in order to ensure the quality of sponges, springs, fabrics, fillers, etc., the cost is at least not less than 1,000 yuan, 1.8 meters is not less than 1200,1500 yuan, and 6 cm thick brown mattresses are not Should be less than 600 yuan. Below this price, consumers should question the quality of the product, it is best not to buy.