Polyester clothes how to wash

Update:07 Nov 2017

Polyester , the characteristics are good breathability […]

Polyester , the characteristics are good breathability and wetting. Can be dry-cleaned, no discoloration, no deformation. If your fabric has a lining, the adhesive or the lining is water-soluble, it will separate after washing and it will be the wrinkle of the fabric that is not recoverable. So it is recommended to use neutral volatile lotion, (which is neutral, not acidic or alkaline dry cleaning lotion) to sell, and practical and cheap. Polyester is acid and alkali-resistant, if you insist on machine wash, you can set a laundry bag, with a neutral laundry detergent.

Polyester fabric clothes are mainly used neutral detergent liquid is not very particular about the other. Clothing is to rely on maintenance to extend the wearing life and maintain the color of the luster.

1, polyester fiber hygroscopicity is poor, prone to static electricity, airtight. But easy to wash and dry.

2, good thermal stability. Is the hot water bubble no problem.

3, it is durable, wear-resistant, stretch-resistant. Wrinkle resistance and shape retention are good.

4, in particular, said polyester reduction by alkali treatment can be obtained silk effect. So to see the price of clothes like silk and people to pay attention to the next is likely to be polyester

5, the biggest drawback of polyester fiber is easy pilling pilling. Very new clothes feel like second-hand goods down two or three times. Because the third led to the polyester fiber hairballs hard to fall off, more difficult to take care of.

6 Finally, Polyester is better than cotton and is resistant to moth and mold.

7, easy to dry after washing, not exposure, so as not to heat wrinkles;

8, ironing should be padded wet cloth, the temperature can not be too high, dark clothing best hot reverse.