Scalability of knitted fabrics

Update:23 Jan 2018

Knitted fabrics have good scalability, in the model des […]

Knitted fabrics have good scalability, in the model design can minimize the design for the shape of the seams, pleated, stitching and so on. Second, the knit fabric is generally not suitable for using push, pull hot skills modeling, but the use of fabric flexibility or proper use of folds to deal with the human body curve. Then the size of fabric scalability has become an important basis in the design of the model.

The final model for woven garments is generally larger than the area needed to wrap the human body, meaning that there is some amount of looseness relative to the human body. The knitted apparel fabrics according to the different structure, if the flexibility of the fabric (with the use of yarn and the structure of the organization) not only to leave a model design sample, its sample size and size of both the same circumference , It is also possible to reduce the size in consideration of the elastic modulus.