The appearance is young and the heart is mature

Update:08 Aug 2018

The appearance is young and the heart is mature, referr […]

The appearance is young and the heart is mature, referred to as “light mature woman”.

These girls dress up well and talk elegantly and tastefully. Not only does it have the elegance and well-being of "Ladies", but it also exudes a rich and connotative beauty.

So how can the intellectual and elegant light mature women knitted fabrics  easily get the leisure and the workplace?

Simple dress

No matter when and wherever you are, you are a good figure.


Ingeniously pleated at the waist

Pull up the waistline

The long dimension of the skirt is just right, and it is easy to show the elegant and calm side of the light mature woman.

And for a light mature woman with enough experience, quality is very important.

It must be good-looking, it must be worn, and it must be wild.

Comfortable knit fabric, skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, all-round display of what is an excellent example of exquisite commuting, seemingly simple but full of details of the dress, this time made two temperament colors, each with its own taste.

Plaid dress

The plaid element that has been popular for hundreds of years is the favorite element of the British royal family, and it is the neat and generous shirt skirt design of this year’s fire.

Shirt collar decorated with elegant swan neck

Waist pleats highlight the waist

A-line skirt set off with slender legs

Romantic and casual temperament is beyond doubt

The weave fabric is comfortable and breathable, and naturally releases elegance.

The light colors make it look gentle and calm, so that the overall does not appear monotonous, very eye-catching, texture +1.

It is a dress that comes with a filter, and I feel that I can handle it in a complicated environment. It is still 2 colors.

Chiffon Dress

The light mature woman is also a light lady, and she still wants to be comfortable and romantic in her heart. The print is quiet and dignified, and the movement is elegant.

V-neck shows delicate clavicle

Chiffon strip printing between walking

Showing rhythm and fluency

The color matching fabric at the waist visually stretches the body line ratio

A very special dress, you know what I am talking about when you get it.

The high-quality light chiffon allows you to feel the feeling of being protected by soft fabrics, bringing a sense of elegance and style to the whole.

With an elegant and graceful pace, it reveals an infinite style. A classic black and white, one of the most popular lavender, suitable for everyday wear and also suitable for work.