The characteristics of various mattress fabric

Update:28 Feb 2018

1, Now the quality of mattress style cloth is also diff […]

1, Now the quality of mattress style cloth is also different. There will be a certain gap between every mattress material. For example, we will introduce sprinkler cloth: full handle, good follow up, follow fabric changes, good shape and three-dimensional sense. Hua Yao crepe: the production of printing and dyeing with active environmental protection, high color fastness, good texture, Hikaruzawa Jun, positioning flower fashion and beautiful.
2, We are continuing to introduce some characteristics of different types of fabrics, such as water washing cloth: it is soft and comfortable on hand, and has slightly wrinkled wash style fabric. Fujiette: Fuchun pongee surface smooth, smooth touch, bright color, bright color, good hygroscopicity. Corduroy: corduroy is characterized by full plump, wear-resistant fluff, thick texture, soft hand and good warmth retention.