There are treasure fans and Baojie’s message that foreign big brands

Update:30 Aug 2018

There are treasure fans and Baojie’s message that forei […]

There are treasure fans and Baojie’s message that foreign big brands really have a “mind” on silk – not only the summer clothes, but also the silk fabrics, not even the silk autumn and winter seasons, but also the earrings. On the silk.

This is not the case, the Parisian family's autumn and winter fashion show, with a small silk scarf, wrapped in large earrings. It’s really "a day is inseparable from silk."

△ Parisian family silk earrings, priced at $ 480, but also scheduled. Compared with jewelry earrings, there is also a style

From the day of its birth, silk fabrics have been widely loved for  mattress fabrics their soft, smooth texture and skin-friendly properties.

However, the silk process is complicated, and even if the industrial chain has been formed, it can be industrialized and the price is still expensive. Baojie's designer friend said that even the most common silk material, the cost of a pound is more than 400 yuan. It can be said that it is worth a lot.

Because of the high price, few brands in the country use silk fabrics in large quantities.

However, foreigners really value the comfort of silk and skin comfort, especially in summer, soft and breathable silk, much better than man-made fiber.

Therefore, foreign big-name summer clothes are usually made of silk. Silk has gradually become a must-have item for elegant and refined women.
Today, Sister Bao will learn about silk with everyone.
Is silk with 100% silk the best?
The identification of silk, treasure fans should know?

Just in case small science: The easiest way to identify silk is to cut a small piece of fabric and ignite it with fire. Silk is not flammable, so you won't see an open flame. When burning, silk has the smell of burning charcoal. The burnt part is crushed with fingers, and it becomes a powder. It smells badly with chemical fiber products, and it is completely different in condensation.

However, the choice of silk is more than just the identification of true and false.
Some clerk will say: "The silk of our family is 100% silk, which is 100% silk." However, in order to determine the quality of silk fabrics, in addition to silk content, weaving techniques and dyeing techniques are also very good. important.
Although silk is the silk spit out from silkworms, it is divided into silk, tussah, ramie silk, cassava silk, etc. according to the different leaves eaten by silkworms, different silks and different weaves. Different silk fabrics will appear in the dyeing process.

There are more than 50 kinds of silk fabrics, the most common ones are:

01 various "绉"
The very famous "double eyes" in silk, wrinkled on the surface, looks like crumpled paper. However, the hand feels very soft and breathable. Many brands like to use double-breasted fabrics for shirts or pajamas, which is very comfortable.

Similar to the eyes, there are Jianhong and Shuangqiao. Jianhong has solved the problem that the eyes are not wrinkle-resistant. Jianhong is opaque and flexible. Some scarves are the fabrics of Jianhong.

Double Chaucer will be lighter and thinner than Jianhong wrinkles, slightly transparent, but not wrinkled. A lot of design-inspired dresses will use double-chords.

02 various "satin"

Satin, it should be a kind of silk fabric that everyone hears more, soft and sturdy, and it will shine. In ancient times, a good brocade was the kind of Yunjin, but it was royal.

At present, the more common "satin" are: satin satin, stretch satin, pearl satin and so on.

Plain satin, soft to the touch, full of luster. And only the front side is reflective, the back side is not shiny. However, the plain satin is easy to buy silk, the shrinkage is also relatively large, and the gloss will be slightly weakened as the number of washings increases.

Stretch satin is not 100% silk, usually about 5% of spandex is added during textile. This little bit of spandex can add elasticity to the fabric and make the fabric less wrinkle-free. It is a good fabric for cheongsam.
The pearl section, as the name implies, the fabric shows that there are small protrusions, like pearls, and pearly luster, which is also a popular fabric.
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03 various "yarns"
Georgette, some people call it chiffon. Light and easy to penetrate, strong drape. A lot of fairy fluttering dresses are made of georgette fabric. The subtle luster and drape of the darkness are unmistakable by chemical fiber chiffon fabrics.

Organza, many people listen to organza, thought it was chemical fiber fabric. But in fact, silk also has organza fabric. Moreover, it is very different from the chemical fiber organza yarn. The silk organza has a soft hand, but it is not too strong. It is also very transparent with a slight sheen. High-density dresses and wedding dresses use the material of silk organza.
Xiangyun yarn, only produced in Guangdong. The silk yarn is opaque, and the color of the front and back is different. The front has a color, and the reverse is dark coffee or black. Because of its heavy color, it is more popular among the grandmothers.
Power spinning
How do you say about power spinning? The texture is very good and the gloss is very good. What is not good is that the bad quotient household silk and rayon are intertwined, which is not a good fabric.
Therefore, when identifying silk, you can't draw a line from the fabric to burn, but cut a small piece of fabric to burn.

Heavy silk
Heavy silk is not a breed, but a general term for silk fabrics of the same size and with a large amount of silk. With a special process, heavy silk has twice the silk content of ordinary silk.
In terms of quality, it can only be said that heavy weight is really much better than ordinary silk fabric.
For example, the heavy weight is satin, the hand feels a lot thicker, the gloss is strong, and the material is not deformed, it is not snagging, and it is not easy to wrinkle.
Therefore, generally do dresses, suits, etc., Bao Jie believes that it is still necessary to use heavy silk, after all, if you sit, the butt is wrinkled, but it is too unsightly.
The most worth buying silk piece
Knowing the silk fabric, it is necessary to talk about the most worthwhile silk items in the treasure sister's mind:

Silk dress
How can there be no silk dress in the closet?
However, silk dresses should be carefully selected. Because of the unique luster of silk, it is very easy to make it cheap.
First, it is not recommended to select colors with very high saturation such as yellow, green, and blue. Because the true ribbon is shiny, if the color is also very bright, it is easy to appear black under the light.

△ No white skin, or choose a color that is too saturated

The light color system is very good, and the silk luster is simply a reflective reflector that can bring out the rosy face.

Secondly, silk dresses are relatively easy to wear, especially georgette and other fabrics. In daily life, the dress is more transparent, which will give people an untimely association, which is very inappropriate.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose heavy silk fabrics as much as possible, or choose a silk dress with a lining.

Finally, Bao Jie personally does not recommend the complicated silk dress.

Because the silk dress itself emphasizes the texture, the color of the color is easy to shift the focus of the line of sight, and it is easy to be confused with the chemical fiber material.

△The color is too complicated to reduce the texture of the fabric
Therefore, the first choice is a monochrome or dark silk dress.
Silk shirt
There must be a white shirt for the essential items in the woman's wardrobe. If the shirt is silk, it is better.
The softness and dangling of the silk makes the white shirt more gentle, and adds a feminine unique charm to the manner.
Silk white shirt with jeans, youthful:
With suit pants, exquisite and capable;
With a step skirt, elegant and dignified;
With a long skirt, it is the most romantic scenery.
3 silk pajamas
Whether it is sexy Marilyn Monroe or elegant Audrey Hepburn, there is a silk pajamas with them to sleep.
Soft and delicate silk pajamas, like the second layer of skin, breathable and sweat-absorbent, is the best companion for sleep.
And silk pajamas can accompany you to sleep, and the jacket can also be seen out of the street, both stylish and elegant.
4 silk eye mask
Like the silk pajamas, the silk goggles are also the silk pieces of Audrey Hepburn with fire.
In the "Tiffany's Breakfast", wearing this lake blues silk goggles poked the hearts of many women.
More importantly, today, the addition of high-tech wire to the silk eye mask reduces the friction of the eye skin during sleep and reduces wrinkles.
In addition, the silk eye mask can help shade and keep warm, which can bring a comfortable sleep experience and promote the absorption of eye cream. It can be said that it is the best companion for women's anti-aging.