Those silk or sheer drapes polyester fabrics that

Update:15 May 2018

Those silk or sheer drapes polyester fabrics that you’v […]

Those silk or sheer drapes polyester fabrics that you’ve been eyeing for months might just have to wait a few years. Especially if you have a kitty around that would love climbing them. “There are certain things to buy at certain ages.’’

Never use a silk fabric in areas where there’s splashing water. And that includes kids and pets who shake their hair out after frolicking in the snow or rain.

Any type of wallpaper or fabric that can be damaged by water should live far away from the Nebraska wind, which is filled with moisture as it whistles through an open door.

Any texture you can feel will attract the hair of a pet. Her own furniture is upholstered in linen velvet.  “It's   very forgiving with my pets,’’ she says. "A little spray bottle with warm water and a soft cloth takes any stain out.’’

Don’t ignore commercial products. They are very durable and easier to maintain around sticky fingers and muddy paws, and many times you can’t tell the difference between that and the residential variety. Many designers never use anything but commercial carpet for people with children or pets.

If you are just starting out and on a budget, consider outdoor furniture. It’s durable and attractive, withstands kids and pets and can be moved outside to the patio when you’re ready to invest in more traditional furnishings.