Warp knitted fabric

Update:28 Nov 2017

Often polyester, nylon, vinylon, polypropylene and othe […]

Often polyester, nylon, vinylon, polypropylene and other synthetic filament as raw material, but also useful cotton, wool, silk, linen, synthetic fiber and blended yarn as raw material weaving. It has a vertical dimension of good stability, fabric stiff, scattered small, not curling, good air permeability and so on. However, its lateral extension, flexibility and softness than weft knitted fabrics. There are mainly the following categories:
1, Polyester warp knitted fabric: flat cloth, bright color, a thick and thin points. Thin mainly used for shirts, skirts fabric; thick, thick can be used for men and women in clothing, windbreaker, tops, suits, trousers and other fabrics;
2, Warp knitted fabric: mainly used for winter men and women coats, windbreaker, jacket, trousers and other fabrics, fabric drape, easy to wash, quick drying, non-iron, but in use, static electricity accumulation,
3, warp mesh fabric: take the texture of mesh fabric light, elastic and breathable, feel soft and supple, mainly used for summer men and women shirt fabric;
4, warp knitted velvet fabric: thick hair surface thick, feel thick, plump, soft, flexible, good warmth, mainly used for winter clothing, children's wear fabrics;
5, warp terry fabric: This fabric has a plump feel thick, cloth body firmly solid, elastic, hygroscopic, good warm, terry structure is stable, with good performance, mainly for sportswear, lapel T-shirt , Pajamas, children's wear and other fabrics.


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