Weft-knit fabric

Update:21 Nov 2017

Often low elastic polyester yarn or shaped polyester ya […]

Often low elastic polyester yarn or shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn as raw material, the use of plain stitch, plain stitch, plain stitch, double rib stitch, jacquard, Knitting in a variety of weaving machines. It's more varieties, generally have a good elasticity of the extensibility, fabric soft, fast crumpled, strong sense of hair shape, and easy to wash ears to listen to quick-drying. However, its hygroscopicity is poor, the fabric is not stiff, and easy to get rid of, curling, chemical fiber fabric is easy to fluff, pilling, hook wire. The following varieties
1, polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabrics: fabric bright color, beautiful, with color and texture thick, textured clear, strong sense of hair type, similar to the tweed woolen fabric style. Mainly used as men's and women's suits, suits, windbreaker, vests, skirts, cotton jacket fabrics, children's wear and so on;
2, Polyester knitted labor fabrics: This kind of fabric is thick and firm, firm and wear-resistant, stiff and elastic. If the raw materials contain spandex yarn with spandex, it can be knitted into elastic knitted jeans with better elasticity. Mainly used for men's and women's trousers;
3, polyester knit wicker fabric: fabric bump clear, feel full plump, good elasticity and warmth. Mainly used for men and women wear, suits, windbreaker, children's wear and other fabrics;
4, Polyester cover cotton knitted fabrics: The fabric dyed shirts, jackets, sportswear fabrics. Fabrics crisp anti-wrinkle, fast-wearing, personal moisture absorption breathable, soft and comfortable;
5, artificial fur needle fabric: fabric feel thick, soft, good warmth. According to different varieties, mainly for the coat fabric, clothing linings, collars, hats and so on. Artificial fur is also useful for weaving by warp knitting.
6, velvet knit fabrics: fabric feel soft, thick, fast-wearing, thick pile of hair, soft shade. Mainly used as a coat fabric, collar or hat materials and so on. It can also be made of warp knitting, for example: knitted terrycloth;
7, Hong Kong-type knitted woolen: It is both slippery waxy cashmere fabric, soft, bulky feel, there are soft silk fabric, drape, shrinking, breathable purpose characteristics. Mainly used for spring, autumn and winter fashion fabrics.


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