White T rotten street? Obviously you will not choose!

Update:13 Jul 2018

For girls, the most practical and most photographed ite […]

For girls, the most practical and most photographed items in the summer, in addition to the skirt, white T is definitely one of me.

In this era of Less is more minimalism, White Tee's "the most fashionable" throne has never been shakenknitted fabrics.

Why is the T-shirt a T-shirt? This is very simple. The T-shirt's "T" looks like the English capital letter T, while the "shirt" is the transliteration of the English "SHIRT".

A piece of clothing unfolds in the shape of the letter "T", and the name of the clothes comes from here.

A more reliable history should be that during the First World War, American soldiers on the European battlefield were particularly uncomfortable wearing hot and dry conditions because of the hot weather.

Some clothing companies made pure white underwear for these soldiers. As a result, this simple dress quickly became popular, and today, pure white T-shirt is still the most popular basic model.

The other argument also comes from the US military, but it is different arms. It is probably that the US Navy is always shirtless on the ship, and the image is too unsightly.

In addition, the military homosexuality is serious. In order to reduce sexual temptation, the military specially hired a clothing company to make new underwear for these soldiers. The time was 1913.

This statement is even more convincing because it was first confirmed by Scott Fresena in his book T-Shirt.

In the 1930s, Coco Chanel became the first public figure to wear T-Shirt, sparking the T-Shirt and sports trends in the fashion industry.

The 1950s was a glorious era in which American culture and Hollywood films entered the world, which invisibly contributed to the international spread of the T-shirt trend.

In the 1950s, Elvis Presley rolled up the T-Shirt's two sleeves in a military service.

In the movie "A Fei Zheng Chuan", James Dean wore a T-shirt and slightly raised the look of a coat collar, becoming a stalwart hero in the eyes of a rebellious teenager.

The comical appearance of the black star vest on the outside of the white T-shirt by the movie star Yate Kani also deepens the understanding of the intimate relationship between the T-shirt and the civilians.

With the bold wearing of movie stars, the later T-shirts were too good to wear and too convenient, and gradually became a regular item at home and abroad.

But there are so many white Ts, how can you choose to dress properly? ! !

From the general shape trend, the common collar can be divided into horizontal and vertical.

Transverse dynamic neckline: A horizontally narrow neckline shape that creates a tendency for lateral movement. Such as square, one-word collar, one-word shoulder and so on.

The advantage of the horizontal collar is to make the face look more rounded, so the girl whose face is originally rounded should be cautious when choosing.

Longitudinal dynamic neckline: A longitudinal neckline shape that creates a vertical movement trend, such as a V-neck, a diamond collar, a Hert collar, and more.

The vertical advantage is to face to a certain extent. Girls who feel that they have a big face can wear it quickly!

Most of the T-shirts are round necks, and the conventional round necks and relatively small neckline are very face-lifting. The face should be delicate enough and the neck line should be well proportioned to hold.

Girls with a slightly fat face, a large face, and a neck that is not long enough should choose a T-shirt when they choose a neckline.

For example, the V-neck T-shirt, the lines of the scorpion can more neutralize the fleshy face, and the inverted triangle line can make the neck visual effect more slender.