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Our Service

Hangzhou Hengyi Textile always adheres to the service concept of “Quality First” to ensure the excellent quality and good reputation of Hengyi Cloth products. In the future, Hengyi Cloth will also provide high-quality products and services to customers with high-quality service attitude and consistent service enthusiasm, and truly achieve first-class

Customer Service

Professional project managers, one on one in a timely manner to track product quality, and solve problems, customer satisfaction first

One-to-one Service

Our service staff will provide one-to-one tracking service to answer questions for customers

Quality Assurance

The company has a strict quality management system, and the products undergo quality inspection after production to strictly guarantee that the products are 100% qualified!

Product Sales Global Market

Through marketing, the company has expanded its product market to a global scale. In the current foreign trade textile industry market, the company's product market share has reached more than 60%.

Timely Delivery of Goods

The company has an efficient product circulation ability. After the customer purchases the product, the company will ensure that the product is delivered to the customer in a timely

Charitable Activities

Every year, Hengyi Fabrics organizes companies to carry out caring donation activities and participate in caring aid activities to help poor students achieve their school dreams.